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The Peninsula Model for Primary Health Planning (the Peninsula Model) is a catchment-based partnership between a range of health and community service organisations, key stakeholders, consumers, carers and communities. Working collaboratively, the partnership identifies the health needs of Frankston and Mornington Peninsula communities and develops effective service responses to meet those needs.

Based on a population health approach, the model wraps the collective effort of providers around agreed health priorities to address service gaps for the catchment. This collective effort maximises impact and makes efficient use of resources through integrated planning, reduced duplication of effort, and shared ownership of processes and outcomes.

The Peninsula Model priorities have been determined by population health data and through a comprehensive engagement process. The priorities are

  •     Aboriginal Health
  •     Ageing Well
  •     Chronic Disease
  •     Mental Health (including alcohol and other drugs, youth, and homelessness)
  •     Vulnerable Children and Families

The Model encompasses goals of improving service coordination, health promotion, early intervention and client experience in each priority area.

High level Alliances, comprising health and community service managers, private practitioners and consumers, have been formed to develop, implement and monitor improvement plans for each priority. There are seven Alliances that correspond with a health priority, and a further Alliance, eHealth Alliance supports electronic connectivity and communication between providers. All Alliances have a number of working groups that focus on specific Alliance action issues or areas.


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