eHealth Alliance

Established in November 2013, the Peninsula Model eHealth Alliance was formed to lead partnership development and relationship building within the emerging area of eHealth. Enhancing awareness of eHealth programs, capabilities and activities is an initial focus of the alliance, but it is also critical to establish a program of work that specifically targets the service development needs within the Frankston Mornington Peninsula catchment.

This program of work will include activities relating to project work, ehealth system implementation and adoption and engagement and training of healthcare providers/ organisations. It is also envisaged that the eHealth Alliance will provide strategic advice and recommendations in relation to IT projects and activities occurring across the catchment, with a view to removing interoperability barriers and improving communication channels between of healthcare providers/ organisations, using e-technologies. Ultimately, the aim of the eHealth Alliance is to improve the healthcare experience for consumers through more effective use of technology and associated processes.

The priorities for the eHealth Alliance are:

  1. Peninsula eReferral Project
  2. Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)
  3. Telehealth and Telemonitoring

Peninsula eReferral Project

Interoperability between healthcare providers needs to be improved to ensure timely, effective and secure exchange of referrals (and other information). There are significant inefficiencies in traditional means of referral (e.g. fax, paper) which impacts negatively on consumer experience and provider capability, and the use of secure eReferral systems can reduce the risks around data security and the inadvertent exposure of health information.

The Peninsula eReferral Project will identify and implement an appropriate eReferral capability across the region.


The PCEHR is the cornerstone of eHealth. The main focus of this work to date has been assisting General Practices and Pharmacies through the provider registration process so they can view and upload information to the PCEHR. All healthcare providers across the catchment are in scope for this work. Consumer registration to the PCEHR is a next stage, requiring additional input from the community to inform activities.

The eHealth Alliance will assist in developing strategies for engaging with healthcare providers and consumers, and ensure that this federal government initiative is delivered in an appropriately tailored manner in the catchment.

Telehealth and Telemonitoring

The evolution of tele health and monitoring capabilities expands viable opportunities to use technology to enhance the provision of effective healthcare services to various consumer cohorts. The these capabilities will be increasingly explored and implemented to reduce the reliance on acute services, public expenditure across the broader healthcare sector and to enhance access to services for consumers.

The eHealth Alliance will work in conjunction with other alliances (particularly the Ageing Well and Chronic Disease Management Alliances) in initiating and supporting particular projects in this area.

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