Ageing Well Alliance

The Ageing Well Alliance commenced in July 2013 and is working on common objectives to support older people and their families/carers in the catchment.
The Frankston-Mornington Peninsula catchment has one of the highest proportions of older people in Australia. The large proportion of older people has resulted in one of the highest prevalence rates of dementia in the state, as well as large populations living in retirement villages and residential aged care facilities (RACFs). There is a particularly large population of women aged 75 and over living alone.

Based on population health data, the Ageing Well Alliance is addressing the following priorities:

  1. Advance care planning
  1. Dementia
  2. Social Connectedness

Advance care planning

Advance Care Planning is a process which helps a person plan their medical care in advance so their wishes are respected by healthcare teams, families and carers when they become too unwell to make decisions for themselves.

Advanced care plans (ACPs) tend to be a mix of legal and non-legal documents and the ability for hospitals to comply with these wishes is poor. A survey by Palliative Care Australia found that 74% of respondents want to die at home but only 32% of them have discussed this preference with loved ones and 82% have not recorded any end of life preferences1. Surveys in the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula catchment have indicated that GPs and RACFs have a limited understanding of ACPs.

The Alliance has developed a range of strategies to address these issues that include the development of resources, a standardised and best practice ACP template, education for providers, and support for RACFs to implement processes and systems to ensure residents have ACPs in place. 


The ageing population of the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula catchment is particularly vulnerable to dementia as the incidence of dementia increases with age. People aged over 65 years account for 18% of the catchment, compared to the state average of 14%. Dementia accounts for 20% of years lost to disability, which is the highest of all chronic diseases.

The Alliance is currently developing a dementia strategy to ensure earlier identification, improved support for carers, and improved access to respite care.

Social Connectedness

  • Of the 48,443 people aged 65 and over in the Frankston Mornington Peninsula catchment
  • 6,732 (13%) need help with core activities
  • 6,677 (14%) aged 75+ live alone
  • 4,042 (8%) are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • 1,453 (3%) are exposed to elder abuse

Stakeholder consultation has identified a need to identify vulnerable people and help them to connect with services. The Alliance is currently developing a strategy to address these issues.


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