Advance Care Planning Tool

Make Your Wishes Count

If you became very ill, would your loved ones know what health care you would want? You can now use a free tool on this website to tell them how you would decide. It’s called the online Advance Care Planning Tool and is a first for Victoria.

This Tool is a step-by-step guide that helps you to write an ‘Advance Care Directive’. It has information that may help you decide about your health care if you are so sick that you can no longer tell family and doctors what you want.

You can make a clear, printed plan to give to family, friends, hospitals and doctors. You can use this tool by clicking on the green button below.

You might not be able to make decisions if you have dementia, a heart attack or are on life support. You may want to donate your organs. You may want a loved one with you if you are dying. An Advance Care Plan makes sure people know what you want.

The online plan takes about an hour to do and can be changed within one day. You then print it for signing. Talk to your doctor and loved ones about your plan. If you don’t know how to use the tool, you could get help from friends, family, or support services.

Click here to complete your Online Advance Care Directive

You can also find an online tool on this website that helps you write a 'Medical Enduring Power of Attorney'. This gives a person the power to make decisions about your health care.

The Peninsula Health Advance Care Planning Service developed the online Toolkit with funding from the Peninsula Model.

Click here to use the Online Advance Care Planning Tool. Click here to write a Medical Enduring Power of Attorney. To learn more, read our Advance Care Directives Frequently Asked Questions.

For further information, contact Peninsula Health Advance Care Planning Service on (03) 9788 1593 or or Peninsula Model Healthy Ageing Project Officer on (03) 9788 1515 or

Making an Advance Care Directive is only part of the story

Using the online Tool is important but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do.

Take time to think about what you value in life. Learn more about your health problems now so that you can think about how they may affect you. Don’t just use the internet to do this. Talk to your nurse or doctor and ask questions. You may also want to think about your beliefs and what matters to you.

Think about asking who you would like to act on your behalf and ask them to be your  ‘Medical Enduring Power of Attorney’.  This person has the power to make decisions about your medical treatment.

This person may not always be available. This is why an Advance Care Plan is the best way for people to know what you want.

Things may change in your life so it’s important to keep checking your Advance Care Plan.

Advance Care Planning Resources

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